Østfold Camp – Brighter Day

Publicado el: 3 October, 2007

This is a music video which a film group on the norwegian camp called “Østfold Camp” created. It was very fun to make =D Keep in mind that we are Norwegian, so all the names are in Norwegian.The song is:Kirk Franklin – Brighter DayGuy with skateboard: Torstein Røsok – Me.The other guy: Adrian Skogvang – *No YouTube account*Girl with long brown hair: Madeleine Midtskogen Weisten…

Author: TheResock
Keywords: Kirk Franklin Brighter Day Østfold Camp Film Group Animejenta Torstein Madeleine Adrian Dan-Ove Tonji Jesus Christianity
Added: October 2, 2007

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  1. Octavio Silva
    20:37 el October 4th, 2007

    Hola… Dios les bendiga…
    Gracias por los videos. Felicitaciones està muy buena la pàgina.


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