GOD SQUAD! Part 7 – Time to Pray

Publicado el: 4 February, 2007

“A hilarious & campy send up of 70s cop shows with a strange, pseudo-reverent twist” — Backseat ConceptionsCast Christopher May as BradMarc Ewing as JamesTricia Cruz as SarahAl Israel as AdrianRoger Shaide as GregPatty Whisenhunt as PattyCameron Alexander as TimmyElizabeth Erikson as AmberSean Michael Guess as SteveKenn Alexander as 2nd Detectivefeaturing Willie Brown & Woodie& the voices of Donnie Buffalo and Jonny KingstonCrew J. F. Kinyon, Writer, Producer, Director, EditorDavid P. Garonzik, ProducerHani Selim, ProducerRene Villar-Rios, CameraMonalisa Nguyen, Key Hair & Make-UpBill Faei, Location SoundP. J. Cybulski, Sound DesignBob Crail , MusicFestivalsLA International Short Festival, Tromadance, Backseat Film Festival, Fucking Fabulous Film Fest, North Hollywood Film FestivalAwardsBest Comedy Short North Hollywood Film FestivalFilmmaker CommentsThis film is a spoof of religious “message” films and christian filmmaking in general. Written on a dare and shot over a 3 day period in and around Hollywood. Shot using a Canon XL-1, a Doggiecam for car mounts & a camera crane designed by Eddie Barber. Audio was recorded on an analog Nagra & then transferred to Mini-DV (no dialogue replacement or overdubs were needed). We shot full-frame and added a 16mm film effect to simulate the look of 70’s cop shows such as Starsky & Hutch and The Mod Squad.

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Added: February 4, 2007

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