Jesus Lover of My Soul

Publicado el: 12 November, 2007

by Hillsong – United

Author: terrencejob
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Added: November 12, 2007

Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

Publicado el: 8 April, 2007

hmm chock-full of mistakes, but this was just to test out some of my equipment. oowell, lol better stuff soon.. i hope. haha =DLyrics:Worship You, my Lord, until the very endJesus, lover of my soul,Jesus, I will never let you goYou’ve take me from the miry clayYou’ve set my feet my feet on solid rock, and now I knowI love youI need youThough my world may fall,I’ll never let you goMy Savior, My closest friend,I will worship you until the very endWorship You, my Lord, until the very end..

Author: isolatedknight
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Added: April 7, 2007

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