Mad Forest/Caryl Churchill Directed by Noam Shmuel יער משוגע

Publicado el: 2 February, 2007

“Mad Forest” was performed as part of “Six” – a collaboration project between the BA directing and the BA theatre design at the University of the Arts, London.The play by Caryl Churchill explores Romanian life before and after the 1989 revolution.The sound design was variation of harmonic feedback sounds based on the Romanian national Anthem.Director: Noam ShmuelDesign: Ben LannoyMusic by: Anne Chemalevsky, Noam ShmuelActors:Tim BizleyEmily ButterfieldOrna SalingerLucy AitkenJeremy JoyceDamian Christian-HowardNicola Cusson8-9/12/2004

Author: noamshmuel
Keywords: “romania” “Noam Shmuel” “mad forest” “Caryl Churchill” “revolution” “Ben Lannoy” “נועם שמואל” “six” “Drama Centre”
Added: February 1, 2007

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