Preaching the Gospel at a Coffeehouse

Publicado el: 4 February, 2007

“The Doorway” is a Christian Coffeehouse hosted by Fellowship Bible Church in Woodbridge, NJ. With a few brief minutes to share from the mike, I tried to capture the essence of the Gospel – that we’ve sinned by breaking God’s laws and therefore face His wrath and judgment, but God demonstrated His love for us by the sacrificial death of His Son Jesus Christ. If any person will repent – renounce and turn from their sinful ways – and trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for them and rise from the dead, God will spare them from that wrath, forgive their sins and grant them everlasting life. So it’s sort of a condensed presentation under the time constraints, but know that God’s gospel being preached is not dependent upon man’s long-windedness!

Author: NJLouis66
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Added: February 3, 2007

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