Realness (Aletha Wright Scholarship Award Performance)

Publicado el: 27 October, 2006

My scholarship award ceremony performance…no audio cuz the video was taken from my digital picture camera again. it was hott tho…the way i ended was good. for those who dont know, the rap name is “realness” and i rep J-Christ all the way baby!! i have been awarded artist of the year by the annual newsome awards and featured in the Target back to school commercial “baby got backpack”. Anyway, jus watch this and enjoy it for the pure fact that im rapping and wearing a suit at the same time. comon…only professionals can pull that off.

Author: christian777
Keywords: Realness Real Christian Crosby Christianity Rap Cassidy Freestyle Cyssero Murder Mook Reed Dollaz
Added: March 12, 2006

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