jiselleroman – YouTube Idol S.2 Hollywood – “On My Knees”

Publicado el: 8 November, 2007

YouTube Idol S.2Hollywood RoundGenre: Favorite ArtistArtist: Jaci VelasquezSong: On my kneesPerformed by: jiselleromanPS. My shirt does not say exorcist, it says EXQUISITE. lol. Kind of cool though because I really never really knew what the true meaning of exquisite was until now. It totally fits :)Exquisite: of special beauty or charm, or rare and appealing excellence, as a…

Author: jiselleroman
Keywords: jiselleroman creeingles youtube idol s.2 hollywood round jaci velasquez on my knees entry singing christian jiselle
Added: November 6, 2007


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