JENSEITS – Teaser 1

Publicado el: 1 February, 2007

A full feature mystery drama (120 min.) – with the German title “JENSEITS” (= BEYOND) there exist two teasers, each showing an indivdual timeline era of the movie. Teaser 1 shows clips auf the historical parts of “JENSEITS” while teaser 2 shows the present.That’s also used for the style of music and pictures.The teaser includes some German taglines which are translated here:Teaser 1 – German”Das Leben ist unser größtes Geschenkdoch erst wenn es sich zu Ende neigtbeginnen wir darum zu kämpfen…”Teaser 1 – EnglishLife is our greatest gift,but we only just fight for itwhen we fear to lose it.”Plot OutlineThe boring life of Thomas is suddenly set upside down through Tamara’s appearance. But when he finally leaves hospital after an accident, Tamara has vanished without a trace and it seems she’s never existed. In search for the woman of his heart, he meets something ancient which is guarding his actions. Incidents from the past throw a shadow to the present where Thomas has to fight for his Love.Production – Key DataTitle: “JENSEITS” Production Company: Verein LOOM Country: Austria Shooting Time: ca. 75 days (71 atm)Total Duration of Production: ca. 2 yearsTeam: 5 main crew, 10-15 crew, 6 leading actors, 14 actors, lots of extrasCamera: Canon XM-2 + Optex Anamorphic AdapterSound: Sennheiser K6 + ME66 Promoted by: CineStyria, Department of Culture Graz, City of Graz Locations: Austria: Styria (Graz, Birkfeld, Eggersdorf), Burgenland (Gerersdorf)Film – Key DataCREWDirected by: Stefan Müller Script & Story by: Wolfgang Lukas, Leonora Lekovic, Stefan Müller Cinematographer: Bernhard LukasAssistant Camera: Senad Halilbasic, Nina BedlivyProduction Manager: Robert Niessner First Assistant Director: Wolfgang LukasSecond Assistant Directors: Stefan Schnuderl, Leopold F.J. Keber Lighting by: Robert NiessnerStill Photographer: Mario LöfflerBoom Operator: Martin SchneiderVisual Effects: Robert Niessner, Peter Kleinsasser, Mario Kaufmann (mkFX) Makeup Artists: Gabriele Reiterer, Leopold F.J. Keber, Claudia Maitz, Renate Derkitz Music composed by: Matthias ErbSound Editor: Christian Scheucher (ProTone)Teaser Music Mastering: Christian NapetschnigControlling: Mag. Anita Puschnik, Mag. Andrea RußheimCatering: Fa. Schirnhofer GmbHCASTReinhard Nowak, Andreas Vitásek, Thomas Stipsits, Philipp Hezoucky, Christine Artner, Matthias Hoffmann, Andrea Tatschl, Leopold Keber, Agnes Julia Redl, Monika Liska, Carola Pojer, Katharina Vana, Benjamin Teschl, Stefanie Kammerhofer, Stefan Müller, Anna Zissler, Andreas Posner, Christian Linzbichler u.v.a.

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