Reggie Dabbs in Bemidji, MN

Publicado el: 22 February, 2007

A highlight video of a day of school assemblies and an evening Christian outreach with Reggie Dabbs in Bemidji, MN as sponsored by Bemidji Area Youth Ministries. School Assemblies were held at Bemidji High School and Cass Lake Bena High School & Middle School.Music: “I Am Free” by Jon Egan (Desparation: From the Rooftops) and “Sovereign Hands” by Mia Fieldes (Hillsong Untided: United We Stand)

Author: bemidjicovenant
Keywords: Reggie Dabbs Bemidji Area Youth Ministries High School Cass Lake Bena Am Free Desparation Hillsong United
Added: February 21, 2007

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